My super simple skincare routine

20161016_210520Hey guys I’m back from my week away on an Island, and I had a great time being disconnected from technology and having lots of afternoon naps. So this Monday we are going to jump right into something I’ve always wanted to post my super simple skincare routine.

I have never gotten around to this post for one main reason, I’ve never really had a ‘skincare routine’. I’ve always been blessed with great skin, minimal pimples and like zero hormonal issues. I generally have an oily to combo skin type depending on the season of course. But recently I have found that I’ve been wanting more from my face, or should I say less! Less fine lines, less pores, less oily patches. So I have decided and many beauty gurus would agree that the best start to having your makeup work for you is to have a great base to start from. And that all starts with taking better care of my skin. So first up, my very simple skincare routine…


My morning consists of 3 quick steps!

  • Wipe away any sleep with a watered cotton pad
  • Moisturise with Lush’s charity Pot
  • And apply eye cream (tarte C-brighter) and lip balm (Lush – None of your beeswax)

After this all sinks in for a while I apply my makeup as usual. You will have heard me talk about a lot of these products I am using before on other posts.


My nighttime routine is sometimes a little more complex depending again on the season, and the state of my skin. If my skin has stayed oily that day I will skip the moisturising step at night.

If I shower at night;

  • Cleanse and pat dry in the shower with 2 in 1 gel cleanser (mentioned in this haul post)
  • Apply eye cream (tarte) and lip balm (Lush)
  • And apply moisturiser (Lush) if necessary or spot treat dryness with tarte Maracuja Oil

If I don’t shower;

  • Remove makeup with a baby wipe
  • Apply eye cream (tarte) and lip cream (Lush)

20161016_210733And that’s all I do! I often use a face mask maybe 1- 2 Times a week. The mask I use is the Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure skin clarifying Mud Mask. It helps control oil and shine and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. Easy peasy. There is room for improvement and change in my routine but for now, this is how I roll.


Please leave some requests below if you would like to see me post on something specific!


Peace and light,

Xx Megie

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