Summer Beauty Loop Edit

Hello everyone!

It’s Beauty Loop Box time again at Mecca! This is my favourite time of year because, well, freebies! Also I love them because I get to try new products from my favourite brands and nearly every sample in the box is cruelty free. If I come across one that’s not cruelty free I’ll pass it onto a friend, easy as that. So without further babbling here is the Summer Beauty Loop Edit.

This time around I was surprised to note that I had moved up to a level 3 box. Oops, I guess this means I spend more than I think at Mecca Maxima! But it’s all for a good cause, right?! Jumping right into the contents I spy the brands Too Faced, Josie Maran, Urban Decay and Smashbox.  The first 3 are all cruelty free brands that I know and love so that pleases me instantly, and as I said the Smashbox Primer will be given to a friend stat!

So up first is the Josie Maran product, it’s a full size (I think), and it’s Body Butter in the scent Sweet Citrus.

Immediately I am surprised at how amazing this stuff smells. It is actually whipped argan oil and is so nice to put on the skin. I used a tiny bit on my arm as soon as I opened it and I can tell you a little went a long way. It feels like it instantly sunk into my skin and didn’t leave a tacky or gross residue like some body butters do. Did I mention this smells amazing? Like a sweet blend of tangerine and orange, yum!

The next thing that caught my eye was the Too Faced package. It was the La Creme Colour Drenched Lipstick in the shade Nude Beach.

The formula of this lipstick is so creamy and nourishing on the lips.  I love the colour too, it’s the perfect pinky nude, with medium to full coverage. It kept its sheen when applied and when it did start to come off it didn’t look tacky at all.  It is a hit in my books, and perfect for a ‘no makeup’ makeup day. I can’t wait to try more colours from the La Creme Drenched Lipstick line.

Lastly is the Urban Decay item. It is the Perversion Mascara, I always love little mini mascara tubes, so this one excited me instantly. I feel like I don’t always use my full size mascara tubes before they dry out or go past their used by date. That’s why I love the minis, I wish I could only buy small mascaras!

Moving on, this mascara claims to give, “Bigger, blacker, badder lashes with our ultra-creamy, lengthening and volumizing mascara. So intense you might need a safe word, Perversion glides on and gets you sexy in one stroke. (Yet it won’t quit until you say when.) It’s insane how black it is…the purest, deepest, most intense black colour imaginable”. I can’t deny these claims,  it made my lashes bigger and blacker, I was easy to glide on and didn’t clump at all. I like this as an everyday and bottom lash mascara, mostly because it’s not as intense as the Better Than Sex Mascara. On an everyday basis my lashes can already look a bit overdone with too much mascara, so this works nicely.   

One last little gift I got from Mecca was my birthday month gift! I was so surprised, I didn’t even know that was a thing that happened, so yay. I got the Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face Sunscreen.

This product is SPF 50+ with ‘skin perfecting vitamins’, and was made specifically to sit well under makeup. After giving my skincare routine a kick in the butt this year, this looks like an amazing product to add to the collection. The few times I’ve used it so far have been a delight, with no sliding of makeup or anything. Thanks so much Mecca!

Chat next week.
Xx Meggie

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