Kat Von D Serpentina Palette Review!

Hey there Blogosphere, Today is the very exciting day I get to blab about the Kat Von D Serpentina palette! Stay tuned for some great insights…


Let’s jump right in with some general facts about the palette. I bought this palette at Sephora for AU$64. It has eight colours, two of those are matte and the other six are metallic pearl finishes. It also comes with one loose pigment. On the box it says that Kat’s inspiration came from the essense of Egypt, specifically Cleopatra. The packaging is gold and black. It is also thick and sturdy to handle. When you open the palette, you are greeted with a long, high quality mirror and all the shades presented in 1.1 gram pans.  It is clear Kat designed the lettering and art on the packaging.



Moving onto my first impressions. Immediately I am meet with lots of uniques colours I don’t have elsewhere in my collection. The shades I am most drawn to are: Hieroglyph, Nile, and Bloodmilk. Below is my immediate interpretation of how the shadows appear in the pan. We will get on to how they apply later.

Bloodmilk: A warm, matte, dark red. A little bit vampy.

Medusa: A darker olive gold colour, with silver micro glitter.

Ankh: A dark brown/black with copper micro glitter.

Queen: A pink, burgundy colour with pink micro shimmer.

Hieroglyph: A metallic orange/ copper shade with bronze micro glitter.

Nile: A royal dark blue metallic shade with lighter blue micro shimmer for depth.

Scarab: A dark green pearly finish, with gold and olive undertones.

Venom: A muted purple, super matte finish. Not dark but not bright.

Prophet (loose pigment): An olive green shade but still super gold.


Below in italics is my personal opinion of the texture and pigment on a finger to arm swatch.

Bloodmilk: A little powdery and light but definitely buildable. Way lighter than it appears in the pan.

Medusa: Creamy and smooth with little fallout and great shimmery colour payoff.

Ankh: A bit powdery as it has a matte base and a little uneven but can be built up.

Queen: Some fallout but otherwise great colour payoff and the pigment is true to pan.

Hieroglyph: Great high shine pigmentation with a small amount of fallout.

Nile: A lot of fallout and chunky to touch but blendable and again great colour payoff.

Scarab: Amazing colour to hand transfer. It has a medium amount of fallout but blends well.

Venom: Colour payoff/pigmentation isn’t amazing but it redeems itself by being buildable and blendable.

Prophet (loose pigment): Great pigmentation, super gold foily finish, can be used wet or with a mixing medium to intensify it.



Overall, first impressions are positive, with a little disappointment from the matte shades Bloodmilk and Venom. They just take a little extra work to build up and to get their true colour payoff. I would definitely recommend this palette, it is unique and beautiful and I am so glad to have it in my collection.


P.S. Stay tuned for a spooky tutorial incorporating this Serpentina palette!


  1. These colours are so unusual, I really enjoyed your review and swatches! X


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