Review- Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette

UD x GS Thumb

Alright to start out here is some general facts about this palette. I purchased it from Mecca Maxima for 95$ AUD, it contains 15 colours 3 of which are Urban Decay originals and all the others are made especially for this collaboration.

So from the Urban Decay website I realised that Gwen had a lot more to do with this palette’s creation than I originally thought! Urban Decay spent heaps of time collaborating with Gwen to fix a palette that she would use to create her amazing looks and what we got at the end was great!

UD X Gwen Stefani
The packaging is true to Gwen’s monochromatic and platinum style, the cardboard outer is thick and shiny. In my box there was the palette and also samples of the lipsticks from the colab as well which I thought was really cool! The eyeshadow case itself is really chunky and sturdy, which I love and sports a gold outer and white and black inlay with the Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani tag on the lower front right corner.

20160105_195916GS x UD Mirror

Opening the palette you are greeted with an amazingly huge high quality mirror, it even has a cute little song title from No Doubt, ‘The magic’s in the makeup’ on the bottom right corner. Automatically I am drawn to the matte colours Zone and Punk and also the shimmer colour Pop. The descriptions from the Urban Decay webpage are listed below so you can get a feel of what is what…

Blonde – pale beige with pink iridescent shift
Bathwater – pale beige with gold pearl
Skimp – a pale nude satin
Steady – medium rose with a metallic gold shift
Punk – reddish brown matte
Baby – cool metallic rose
Anaheim – light taupe-brown matte
Stark – nude pink matteUD X GS inside palette Zone – medium brown matte
Serious – smoky gray with iridescent floating pearl
Pop – pale coral with iridescent sparkle
Harajuku – metallic blue pink with iridescent micro shimmer
Danger – deep metallic royal blue with micro sparkle
1987 – bright metallic yellow gold
Blackout – blackest black matte
With the official descriptions out of the way below is a picture of some swatches on my fair to medium skin.

Gwen Stefani X Urban Decay Pallet (1)
I was really impressed with the consistency of the matte colours in this palette, they are so easy to blend and easy to pick up with a brush, they glide on effortlessly and are great for building up colour and definition. I also liked the ratio of metallic’s and matte shadows, there is a great range of colour to build up a base and then add as much shine as you could ever need in the metallic shadows. Some of the lighter metallic shades I often use as highlighters for my cupids bow and nose too.
Below is pictures of 2 combos that I use most often, one is a soft daytime look and the other is a darker smoky look.

closed eye daytime look

For the casual daytime look I used Stark all over the eyelid to create a nice smooth base, then I came in with Zone and Anaheim in the crease to gradually build up a soft smoked out feel. Then I put some Blonde on the brow bone and inner and middle lid and lastly a touch of Pop in the centre of the eyelid.

GS night time lookNight look


For the night look I take Stark all over again to create a base, I use Anaheim first to define the crease then once I’ve worked that out I carefully and lightly go in with Punk to define more and smoke the look outward. I also go in lightly with a little Blackout to make the look really dramatic and finish with a little Pop in the inner eye.

Overall this is an amazingly versatile palette and it is really something new that can be used for everyday looks and for dramatic night looks as well. The colour Punk and Blackout are so creamy and buttery that they are a delight to use and blend with. Some of the metallic shades mainly Pop are really very chunky and require a bit of water for use to keep the product going where you want it. Also I think that Harajuku could have more pigmentation to make the colour brighter. Apart from those few things this is still an amazing and well thought out palette and I love it!

xx Meggie


  1. Love this!!! I am hopeless at using eyeshadow’s as I’m a massive gumpy and would love to see some tutorials 🙋🏼💃🏼😍 please 🙏🏼


      1. You will do great! Your confidence will come with it. Plus it will show you as you 👌🏽We love you meggiemoo


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