Review: Fenty Beauty Matchstix

Hey beauties, today’s post is a review of the Fenty Beauty Matchstix Trio in the shade Light. I’ve been using these for a few weeks now and I want to share my honest opinions and some swatches with you all. So here we go.

Let’s start with some basics. Fenty Beauty is a pretty new brand on the block this year. The range is made by Rhianna, with Kendo as the parent manufacturing company. Kendo is long renowned for being cruelty-free, so I was so stoked to see that Fenty Beauty products would also be CF.

The Matchstix Trio is one of many amazing products from the Fenty Beauty range. These are available at Sephora for $80 AUD. There is 3 full-size Matchstix in the pack. You can also buy the shades individually for $37 AUD each. I decided to go with the shade kit Light because it contained the coolest toned contour colour. The individual shade names are as follows: Amber (contour), Linen (conceal/matte highlight) and Starstruck (Shimmer Highlight).

The other shade groups available are Medium, Tan and Deep. The products come in a hexagonal tube, that also magnetises to other tubes. It also has a light pink colour to the whole tube and winds up for use. I think the packaging is really cool and something we don’t see often. I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoy all 3 shades in the kit. These each match to my skin tone so well. The cream to powder to formula also blends easily on my skin with minimal effort and the right tools. I enjoy using the e.l.f contour brush to blend out contour. I use the shade Amber (contour) everywhere that I would use a powder contour. E.g. Cheek hollows, nose, forehead, jawline and under the lip.

I have seen multiple reviews on this product saying that it’s hard to blend and not great to work with and I completely disagree. For my skin type, (combo/oily) I find it great. It doesn’t pull off my foundation at all (Cover FX Custom Cover Drops). I do recommend going section by section though. I don’t do my whole face at once, just to make sure the product doesn’t dry down before I blend it. The contour colour doesn’t look muddy at all once blended, and I also use quite a light hand with it and build it up if I need.

The concealer is best used for spot concealing and area concealing ie. nose, carving cheeks and middle of the forehead. It can also be used under the eyes alone, with no foundation. I often run out of the house in a hurry with just the matte highlight under my eyes (blended of course)!  If used with foundation under the eyes I find it is a bit thick and can crease easily.

The shimmer highlight is best used before powder but I have also used it after powder very lightly with no issues. Starstruck (shimmer highlight) is a great match for my skin tone and doesn’t leave a grey patch when looking straight on. Big thumbs up.

These Matchstix have great staying power, the contour (Amber) in particular lasted all night on me. I think the shimmer highlighter was the first to wear off but is easy to reapply.  

Overall, despite some peoples dislike of the Matchstix Trio I really love them! I think they blend easily (on my combo/oily skin). They have a decent staying power, especially the contour. I find it hard to get a cool toned cream contour so that’s another major plus. The fact that these are in stick form, compared to say a palette like the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour, is so much easier to use.  And finally, I am super happy with the packaging! It’s just so cute and novel with the magnetic honeycombed tubes.

I hope this review helped some of you guys get an insight into a product that is a little misunderstood!


Xx Meggie

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