Oval makeup Brushes: Yay or Nay?

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Today I have something super cool to chat about and review! It’s the Lush Rose Gold Oval Makeup Brushes from the brand Simple Glam Girls. I will start by pointing out that I was sent these. As always though, it’s my choice if I do a review or not. I will only ever review products in a honest way. I will never lie about the greatness of a product just because I was sent it! Now that we got that out of the way let’s move onto the review!!

This set is a beautiful rose gold oval brush set by Simple Glam Girls. Oval brushes are super in trend at the moment and I always see them being used on Instagram and YouTube. They are something I have always wanted to try out. I’m so glad I had this opportunity to do so because THEY ARE AMAZING! They are so soft and make blending creams and powders easy and effortless.

The set I received is a 10 piece rose gold collection. These brushes are cruelty free and vegan I believe so that is a huge plus for me. My initial reactions were good, the brushes were delivered in 2 weeks and came in a cute little box all individually wrapped in plastic. They instantly felt soft to the touch (so velvety) and were just beautiful to look at. The brushes aren’t labelled A-J but I’m happy about that because it doesn’t constrict each brush to a certain product, i.e. foundation, or contour cream.  I am going to list below what brushes I used for which products, but it is up to the user really, there is no rules!

So I applied a full face of makeup with this set, and found a brush I could use for every step.  I used A the biggest brush for foundation. It gave an amazing finish, better than I can get with a beauty blender. Compared to a regular flat top brush I found that it was quicker and easier to get the desired flawless finish. The oval brush also makes the product go a lot further, I didn’t need nearly as much foundation (liquid) as I usually would use with a regular brush. Next I used brush D for cream contouring. I found this brush to work great with my Anastasia Beverly Hills palette. It blended the colour with minimal effort and didn’t pull up or move any of my existing foundation.

Brush C was used for setting my face and under eyes with powder as well. I used brush B for my cream blush, and once again was amazed by the ease of blending. I’m always very cautious with cream blush because it can go so wrong so easily but this brush made it a simple job, I also used it for my powder blush after too.  I used brush E for under eye concealer and highlighting. This worked really well, and once again didn’t slide or move my makeup around. I was worried that it may leave some streaks under the eyes but it didn’t, phew.

I used the small skinny brushes for a range of things, and once again there are no strict rules for what can be used where. Brush F was used to lay down my eyeshadow base colour.  It was a little tricky to use on the eye and I would probably suggest it for deeper, sharper contours instead. After using the first long skinny brush I decided I would use brush G for contouring smaller areas. I used it on my nose, under my bottom lip and in the cheek hollows.  Brush H surprised me with it’s usefulness on my brows. It’s gave me a natural darker eyebrow finish without looking razor sharp and fake, which is perfect for most looks.  

I tried to use brushes I and J for eyeshadow but it just felt clumsy and harder to use than a regular blending brush, so I gave up. You could easily use these two for lips instead though and I will try that next time for sure!

In conclusion these brushes from Simple Glam Girls are so soft and luxurious to use. I have fallen for them big time, they are just so effortless to use and they make blending a breeze. They are also beautiful to look at and easy to grip and hold onto. I would highly recommend this set to anyone who has been curious about trying oval makeup brushes. If you guys decide you like the look of these brushes you can use the discount code meggiemoo to receive 20% off at the checkout at simpleglamgirls.com.

Thanks so much to Simple Glam Girls, these have taken my makeup game to the next level. And thank you Meggie Moo blog-family for reading and supporting my blog. If you would like to see a video tutorial using these brushes comment below! 
Xx Meggie


  1. I need to see a video on these bad boys! 😍😍


  2. I’m surprised….I was a bit of a sceptic. I wish I could test them from myself before I buy!


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