My Daily Makeup Routine

ImageHey guys!

So I just thought I would make a post about what products I use on a day to day basis so everyone can get an idea! From cleanser to finishing powder this is what goes onto my face!!

Alright so first up lets talk cleanser! I LOVE Lush products and swear by my ‘Dark Angels’ Fresh Cleanser.


It is perfect for my combination skin, and it removes all the dirt, sweat and grime from my pores. It has a gritty texture and is black, I just take a small pea size bit and mix it with some water in my hand. It is amazing, I highly recommend it! So this is the first stage of my routine, this prepares my skin and gives a fresh slate for me to work on.

Next is face lotion! I think this is my most important step of all.


Another Lush product I couldn’t live without is their ‘Charity Pot’ hand and face lotion. It smells delish, and has the best consistency for a moisturiser I’ve ever seen. Pros, it’s vegan! I put this on as soon as I have washed my face. It restores moisture and soothes any dry skin patches. My skin just drinks this stuff up!

Alrighty babes, next comes the actual makeup – I use Australis ‘Paparazzi Perfect HD’ foundation in nude.


I apply this all over my face & a little on my neck with my Furless foundation brush (pictured) and it really gives a good even & light coverage. It really adjusts to your skin tone, so even if you are a shade different than the bottle it matches perfectly to give you a flawless finish every time.

Next is concealer, I use another Australis product, ‘3 in 1 Powder Creme Foundation’. So this may not technically be a concealer but I use it as one anyway!


I apply this product mainly under my eyes to combat my under eye circles. I also apply some to my t-zone (forehead, nose, chin) with a beauty blender. Using the beauty blender gives it a flawless airbrushed look in my most troubling areas. I bought the beauty blender from Priceline for around $8 AUD. I have found it invaluable to make my face feel really professional looking.

Eyebrow time! This is probs what takes the longest in my routine! I have very sparse eyebrows to start with so I really never go out of the house without doing this step, it’s crucial to my face!


Right now I use Estee Lauder eye shadow in ‘Bronze Club’, it was my grandmothers, and then she gave it to me. I know it is not cruelty free but I plan to buy a new cruelty-free one soon. But for now it does the job well! I apply it with my slanted Furless brush, doing lines on the top and bottom, then filling in the rest.

Next is powder. Once again I use an Australis product, ‘Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder’ in Deep Natural.


I find it really makes the rest of my foundation stay in place for longer, and it has a lovely matte finish. I use the Furless multipurpose powder brush to apply this product, once again mostly in my t-zone and neck & chest area.

After the powder is on I apply a generous amount of lip balm to my lips. I use Lush’s ‘Ultrabalm’.


This stuff is amazing! It can be used anywhere you need a bit of extra moisture. It is also great for colder climates and it’s vegan & cruelty-free!!

Blush! I’m in the market for a new cruelty-free blush but fornow this is what I use; BYS duo blush.


I use this in conjunction with my Furless contouringbrush, I find it is perfect for applying blush!

So the next part is optional, sometimes I do it, sometimes I don’t! It’s basically highlighting. I use a Natio ‘Eye shadow Duo’ in Ocean Delight.


I use this with the eye shadow brush from Furless Cosmetics. I apply to the middle of my nose, inner eyelids, top of lip, chin and just above my blush line. It has a slight sparkle to it but nothing to crazy. It’s great for picking up light in pictures as well.

ImageFor a little extra glow I also sometimes use Nude by Nature’s Mineral Bronzer. I Use it just as a contouring helper, mostly on the outer parts of my nose, sides of forehead and under my blush area.


Lastly is my mascara. I use Lush’s ‘Eyes Right’, it’s vegan, and a breeze to put on. I coat the top and bottom of my lashes in this stuff and it works great, it isn’t waterproof and that is the only downfall I have with this product.

And that’s all it takes to create my day to day face! here’s a finished picture so you can kind of see how it all comes together. In the near future I would love to do a video tutorial with a slightly more nigh-time/club look, so keep an eye out for that too. Also if you guyswould like a link to any of the products I have mentioned feel free to comment and I’ll get them for you! ^.^


-xx Meggie




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