Mecca Max Review: The good the bad and the ugly

Hey there beauties!

This post is just a quick check in of what I think about the Mecca Max range so far! If you guys are new around here the Mecca Max range is a new line from my favourite store Mecca Maxima.


It is the brainchild of Jo Horgan, Mecca’s founder;

“This year marks Mecca’s 20th year and we felt it was time to take all those years of incredible experience and knowledge of our teams and bottle it!  We wanted to create an accessible but high energy, dynamic makeup brand, informed by our teams, their love, their passion, their commitment and their deep-seated knowledge of what our customer wants from their beauty bag.”

This quote from Jo perfectly sums up the Mecca Max range. The line has approximately 206 makeup items including beauty tools such as brushes, cleaners, beauty sponges and the like. I was watching an interview with Jo on Mecca’s snapchat and she states that the line was 3 years in the making! It was a long and thought out process. A lot of inspiration came from in store beauty junkies and pros (Mecca staff). Overall the Mecca Max range is supposed to be the best of everything with a fairly reasonable price point. You can check out the vegan list for the new Mecca Max range right here!

So let’s get down to my review on just a few of the items I purchased!

Sponge and Brush Shampoo

This stuff smells very fresh and clean for a start. It also does a great job at deep cleaning my brushes. Even some of my dirtier liquid foundation brushes. A little bit also goes quite a long way. When washing my big brushes I would use one little drop.  For eye brushes one drop is enough to clean 3 at least. When this Brush Shampoo is combined with the Brush Cleansing Pad it’s a match made in heaven.


Brush Cleansing Pad

This is the perfect little size, and much easier to use than a lego board (my previous brush cleaning pad). The small pink disc has a suction cap on the underside of the pad to help adhere to the sink or surface you are cleaning in. I personally found that the suction cap kept popping off my sink. But it was easy to put the disk in my palm and use the suction cap as a grip.

The 2 different patterns on the pad meant that you got a variation of cleaning surfaces to really get into the brushes. For large brushes I added one drop of Brush Cleaner and swirled in a big circle around the whole pad. For smaller brushes I just used the top half first and then the bottom to rinse and make sure it was fully clean. Overall I really enjoyed this Brush Cleansing Pad! Here is quick before and after comparison!


Face Off Wipes

These wipes are lightly scented and remove makeup like a dream. I can take a full face off, including mascara and be left with nearly fully clean skin. They don’t sting the eye area at all or leave my skin feeling tight. I enjoyed these wipes but there are only 10 in a packet. For $5 per pack I’m sure there are cheaper alternatives out there.

Fluttering Falsies Knockout 

These lashes are so soft! They are not like other lashes I’ve tried, because these don’t feel plasticy at all! The lash band is not too thick or too thin. With proper care these can definitely be used more than once.

Wink Weapon Eyeshadow in Embellished

This eyeshadow palette is the biggest downfall of all the items I have tried. It swatches beautifully as you can see below (with a little work).

But on the eye these shadows hardly show up at all! It is super disappointing because this looks like a great warm eye palette.  As you can see in the first close up of the palette, a small film has formed on some of the shadows, making it hard to use. It would be great for travel if the shadows performed better. I bought this online so had no chance to swatch before I received the product (big regret).  I really enjoy the glitter and the dark brown colour but the rest of the shadows are a waste of palette space.

This may just be a batch issue but I have heard similar reviews floating all around the blogosphere, so who knows. With the glitter as I have stated before you will definitely need a glitter glue, this presents another issue of convenience. Overall I wouldn’t recommend this palette at all. But there are a few other eyeshadow palettes from the range that may perform better.


That’s my thoughts so far on the goodies I have tried from the Mecca Max range. I always try to keep my reviews honest with you guys so please don’t think I’m hating on the brand when I dislike one item! I hope this has been helpful. Please feel free to share your thoughts below!


Xx Meggie

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