Mecca Max Haul

Welcome to my first Mecca Max haul!


Last week I brought you guys the full vegan list from the new Mecca Max range. So this week it’s only fitting that I show you guys what I have bought from the launch! I didn’t go too crazy because I got these online. But I wanted to go in store to look at things like lippys and foundation and concealer to get a truer colour match.  So here’s what I have bought so far!

Firstly was the Brush Cleansing Pad. I currently use a piece of Lego board to wash my brushes (how fancy) but I thought I would upgrade! This one was $15 and it has a little suction cup on the back which I may have got overly excited about. This is rather cute and perfect for the dreaded job of cleaning my brushes.

Next on my list was the Sponge and Brush Shampoo, $18. I couldn’t get the brush pad and not try out the actual brush cleaner. It smells great and came with plenty of product (100ml)!

I also wanted to try out the quality of the lashes. I chose the Fluttering Falsies Knockout, $15, something big and fluffy but not to out there. I’ll be keen to see how these wear, I’m slowly trying to get the hang of lashes!

Lastly I ordered the Wink Weapon Mini Palette in the gold tones (Embellished) this was $30 for 6 shadows. This makes them $5 per shadow, compared to some other brands that’s pretty affordable. I was very fooled by this palette, in the stock photos online the gold eyeshadow looks just that, gold. But seeing the actual product in real life and in the sunlight you can see it has flecks of holographic glitter too! Which is a huge plus for me as a holosexual.

I’ve put in some swatches below for reference, but just by swatching (with my finger) I feel like the colour payoff and pigmentation isn’t amazing. This may translate differently on the eye (fingers crossed), so once I give it a go you guys will be first to know! The glitter is also less of a eyeshadow and more of a pressed glitter, it comes of as a bit chunky but would work well with glitter glue!

I also received a packet of the Face Off Wipes (10pack $5) free with my purchase. That was a plus, as I was super keen to try these out as well.


I hope you guys enjoyed having a look at some of the Mecca Max products. If you have any questions feel free to leave them below.


Xx Meggie

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