June Haul + e.l.f Goodies

Hey ya’ll,

So this month I got a tonne of new makeup, all cruelty free, so I’m pretty stoked. Here is some pics of my haul and a little about what i think of each item.


My fave out of this haul would have to be the eyebrow kit from e.l.f. It contains a pressed powder and a darker wax, it is ideal for flawless and perfect brows, I use it with a slanted brush to create ze perfect brows!


The e.l.f HD under-eye setting powder came in at a close second fave. It worked a lot better than expected! It really helped to cover the epic bags under my eyes.

The lip plumper and primer are great, probably not in my every day use pile but defs in my night wear make-up bag.  The e.l.f mascara is good, the waterproof end lasts a lot longer that the regular end. But I do find the non-waterproof end better at producing nice thick lashes.  The e.l.f mineral primer has a very satin feel to it and a noticeable shimmer as well, I’m not sure if it really helps my everyday make-up to stay on longer, but it does feel nice on the skin. The Australis fresh & flawless powder is an everyday item now, it seals in the liquid Australis HD make-up and creates a nice matte finish.


The newest addition to my make-up family would be the Australis 4 in 1 concealer pot. I mostly use the purple base for the under eye area, followed by the tan regular concealer next to it. This works great in addition to the Australis HD Paparazzi Perfect Liquid Foundation.

So yeah! That’s all I have for you guys today, but I will be back as I’m hoping to get myself into the MYER store in the city so I can get my hands on some Illamasqua goods, especially the Hydra Veil! Get keen ladies and gents! As usual if there is any questions comment below!

– Meggie xx



  1. That concealer pot is great! What a good idea to have the neutralising tones in there as well.


    1. It’s very handy! I use the purple for under eyes and the green to combat redness.


    1. It’s great right! I have not much eyebrow to work with so this really helps plump em up!



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