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Hey everyone!

It’s review time this week, and I have 2 high end amazing products to discuss with you. The Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer and the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick. Both are products I have been longing to try out since they were released, so I’m really excited to get my hands on them. Stay tuned if you would like to hear more!

Let’s start with the primer, this one is a little bit of a cult favourite amongst beauty bloggers and YouTube gurus. I have heard so many great things about this product and needed to get on it ASAP. I purchased this from Mecca Maxima for $80 and it’s the middle sized 30ml bottle. It’s a little pricey but I was happy to pay this much because I have found that a little goes a very, very long way. The Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer is oil free and has an SPF rating of 15. It is also fragrance and paraben free and vegan! The product claims to; conceal redness, minimise pores, soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles and to provide a base for a flawless foundation application.

These claims all sound like they would make the perfect match to any skin type, especially middle aged and mature skin in particular. I have been using this primer under my foundation for about 3 weeks now and I really like it. When applied it instantly evens skin tone and provides a smooth, silky, velvet like finish. It also quickly blurs fine lines and pores helping skin to appear more perfected. I wouldn’t rely on this for sun protection just because it is quite low in SPF. Once you have allowed this primer to sink in and settle, it really makes putting foundation on easy. I’ve tried it with both liquid and stick foundation and found the results to be super similar. Overall the I would say that the claims of this primer are well met and they exceeded my expectations overall.

The second product is the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick. Another item that has a small cult following online. I was in the market for a new foundation so I thought why not try something new. This was $67 for 7.2 grams, but this product claims to be highly concentrated (pigmented) so less is required to achieve a full coverage application. For this product I was colour matched in store with the amazing ladies at Mecca and decided to get the shade Bisque. I would say it has a semi matte finish, with a cream to powder kind of texture. I definitely only use a small amount to start with because it does go a long way when blended out. The coverage of this foundation stick is amazing, it starts medium but is easily buildable to full coverage.

Even after a full coverage application it never looks cakey or thick, it always keeps a lightweight feel and finish. For everyday application I use 1 swipe under each eye and a dot on my chin and forehead and that’s it! It really feels like you are wearing no makeup at all and does not transfer easily. Below is a picture of the beautiful finish it gives. Overall I love this for everyday use and special occasions too, it’s breathable with a super flawless finish. It gets two big thumbs up from me.

I’m yet to be disappointed by any of the Hourglass products I own. Everything from powders to blushes, it all just makes application so effortless and beautiful. Both of these products get a super great review from me and I would easily recommended them to anyone and everyone.


I hope this is helpful to anyone considering purchasing these products. Let me know your thoughts below and I hope you have a good week beauty babes.
Meggie Xx


  1. Great review. I lovey Hourglass products too. I’ve only got the tiny primer but I don’t use it every day and as you say a little goes a long way! I’m interested in this foundation though so might have to treat myself when I’m out of my others! X


    1. Yes! So glad to hear you love them too! They are an all time fave brand! Defs try the foundation out when you get a chance! Xx


      1. I’ve tried the Immaculate foundation and loved it…I just haven’t tried this because I have combo skin but it sounds really nice! xx


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