Hits and Misses of the last year

Hi there blogosphere, welcome back to Meggie Moo blog! Today I’m going to cover my hit and miss products of the last year. I know I know, it’s a pretty long period of time but for me it’s hard to find products I dislike enough to rant about.  But, here we are, let’s start with the products that were a huge ‘miss’ for me.


Urban Decay Flushed in Strip – I have previously mentioned this product in my revival post.  The reason it is a miss to me is because of a few key points, firstly I found the bronzer part of the palette very metallic, and for me personally I find if I used it to contour it would look a little crazy.  A similar problem arose with the highlighter part of the product, it was very shiny, but not the type of shine I look for in a highlighter, also it didn’t really stick to the skin very well.  I would find that I have to try and use a lot of the colour to get the desired effect.  Lastly the blush was my favourite part of this 3 in 1 combo but over time it became harder and harder to get from the pan, I’m not sure if it was an issue with my brushes or application but it developed a skin over the top that made it difficult to use. I’m not completely dissing this product, but for me it didn’t last very well and was soon superseded by my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Mood Exposure.

Australis Highlighter

Australis Mineral Face Highlighter Pearl – this product was an impulse buy, at first I was really excited to try this out. Initially I was trying to apply with a small foundation brush and it was very quick to dry and didn’t blend well at all.  It did make a beautiful radiant highlight so I kept trying different application techniques, the best I found was to use a beauty blender but even that would leave visible lines where the product had been dabbed around the cheek.  It is a liquid product so I found it didn’t appeal to me as much as some highlighting powders do, even after I had tried to work with it in so many ways.  Eventually the bottle found itself at the back of the makeup shelf gathering dust, so for me a big miss.


Furless Foundation Brush (from the purple power set) – I may be bias since finding the amazing power of beauty blenders but my foundation brush just ain’t doing’ it for me any longer.  I ditched this bad boy a long time ago, not because I have anything against the brush itself, the brush is soft and lovely and cruelty free but it just took so much effort to gain the desired effect, and compared to a beauty blender it’s just not worth my precious makeup time. Again that is just personal opinion!

Now let’s move onto the ‘hits’ of the year, I won’t go into huge detail about these because I have already mentioned most of them in other posts but here we go.


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush I Mood Exposure – I am new to Hourglass cosmetics as a brand, I have never used anything from their line and I’m not quite sure why.  This blush is life, it is radiant easy to blend and build up, and it is smooth and creamy all in one, not to dark and not to light.  I can’t rave about this enough, I love it so much I bought my mum one for her birthday to spread the hype, and now she loves it too! It is just an overall winner in the blush race.

UD Naked Concealer in Fair

Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer in Fair Neutral – 5ml of amazing second skin coverage, this product is so easy to blend and mix, it is weightless and creamy too.  I use it as a wet base for contouring my highlight areas then build up with powder on top of it.  The concealer hardly moves once set and is perfect for under eye circles and red dots alike. Despite being a very lightweight formula the coverage is still amazing in my opinion. It is my go to concealer before and after foundation application!


Napoleon Perdis Ultimate Contour Palette – This 3 in 1 palette has the most amazing highlighter I’ve ever used to date.  It is a powder but it is also very creamy and buttery and can build up different levels of highlight. In the space of about 3 months I used the highlighter shade in this so much I basically cleared out the whole pan, and may or may not have shed a tear when it was empty.  The darker contour shade of the palette is also great, it’s not to metallic but also not a full matte, it brings definition easily. The blush is also very beautiful and easy to blend and build up. But seriously that highlighter, if I could buy it as a standalone I would absolutely do it!

So that’s it ladies and gents, if you have any questions please feel free to ask them in the comments below, also if there is any reviews you guys would like to see also let me know in the comments section!

Light and Love, Meggie

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