Full Face Review: Essence Cosmetics

Hi there beautiful people!
Today’s post is a huge review of Essence products, these are so so affordable. I did a full face with only Essence items and am happy to share my results and insights with y’all. So buckle up if you’re keen and read on.

The products I used are going to be listed below along with my thoughts on the items, each is broken up into its own category and then reviewed from there! You can also find an old Essence haul post here.

The first item I used was foundation. I opted for the 2 in 1 Makeup and Concealer (shade 10 Ivory Beige), which is a liquid.

This has a matte finish, but it remained tacky and didn’t dry down fully. It’s was a dream to blend into the skin, I used a flat top synthetic brush. It only oxidised a small amount on my skin, and I did buy a lighter shade just in case. The foundation didn’t easily sink into fine lines and creases. The coverage was medium to full and it could easily be built up without looking cakey. It was transferproof to the touch but if rubbed it did have a little bit of transfer, which is to be expected. It has no SPF, which honestly I prefer as I wear an SPF moisturiser everyday anyways. In saying that it does have a small amount of flashback, I think personally this was because this was such a light shade.

It comes in a squeeze tube, and there is no obnoxious scent to the product, which again is a huge plus! The biggest downfall of this foundation is the colour range, there are only 3 fair shades, which is a little disappointing. Now onto the longevity of this foundation. It wore quite well without becoming sheer or rubbing off for at least 6 hours.

After the 6 hour mark I started to notice some creasing in my smile lines and under the eyes. I also noticed that the foundation had really sunk into my pores and broken up a bit around my nose area. This could have been partly because I didn’t use a primer. To be honest I don’t often wear foundation for more than 6 hours anyways without touching up, so it’s not a big deal for me. This product is vegan and the price is $7.80 AUD for 30ml. For the price and performance of this product I think it is amazing value! I was more than happy with the results, especially when I have similar wear issues with my higher end foundations.

I also used the Mattifying Compact Powder in the shade 04 Perfect Beige.

It was $5.75 for 12g and is a matte finish foundation powder. For me this didn’t provide that much extra coverage but it was useful in setting down the liquid foundation. I also took this under the eyes and there was no initial creasing but after 6 hours it started to crease a small amount. It has a little bit of flashback in pictures but not an excessive amount. It was easily blendable and buildable, it also did not oxidise or look super powdery and cakey. This product is vegan and has no scent to it at all!

For contour and brightening I used the Shape Your Face Palette in the shade 10 Ready, Set, Peach.

It is a powder trio with a contour, brightener and a blush, but the blush looks more like a highlight. This retails for $8.20 AUD and is vegan. The contour shade is a cool toned, satin finish powder. It is super blendable, not too pigmented, which makes it easier to use. These powders lasted just as long on the face as the foundations, around 6 hours without fading or looking muddy. The brightening shade in this palette isn’t very pigmented and only provides a light wash of colour. It has a semi satin finish and blends well. I didn’t use the cheek/highlight shade, but from swatches it was a bit chunky.

The Luminous Matte Bronzing Powder (shade 01 Sunshine) is my favourite from the whole review!

It is beautifully pressed with a cool pattern as has two shades that you mix together. It has medium to buildable coverage which is perfect for a bronzer. The product has a neutral undertone which for me is ideal in a bronzer, it means it won’t look orange on the skin. The bronzer is super blendable and last a really long time on the skin 6+ hours. The finish is satin, so it’s luminous as the name suggests but has no visible glitter chunks. This product is vegan and retails for $6.15 AUD, and it’s my top pick from Essence!

For blush I used the Satin Touch Blush in the shade 10 Satin Coral.

This product is $5.10 for 5 grams. As the name suggests it has a satin finish without any nasty glitter chunks. It is well pigmented for a blush and not at all super powdery. This blush blends really well and can easily be built up depending on how you like it. I would describe the colour as a cool muted pinky apricot colour. This product is also vegan!

While perfecting my eyebrows I used 3 products in total. The Make Me Brow (shade 01 Blondy Brows), Eyebrow Designer Pencil (Shade 02 Brown) and the Clear Lash and Brow Gel.

The latter 2 products I use all the time but the pencil was new to me. I don’t traditionally love eyebrow pencils, but this one performed well for me. The pencil itself comes with a small brush on the lid making application a bit easier. The colour is very pigmented and quite stiff which is great for creating brow hair strokes. This pencil lasts a really long time and even took a fair bit of scrubbing to remove with water. The only issue with this is that it doesn’t create a crisp straight line like a brush and pomade would, but for natural looking brows it would be perfect. The Eyebrow Designer pencil retails for $3.05.

Make Me Brow ($5.10 and vegan) is a cool toned light brown mascara type product with a small spoolie brush. It also has tiny fibres in it to give brows extra volume. I use a shade lighter than my actual brow colour to create a low light effect. And lastly I use the Clear Gel ($4.10 and vegan) to set it all. It stays put all day and is not crunchy or uncomfortable to wear.

For the eyeshadow look I used the All About Roses palette (shade 03).

This palette is not vegan and contains carmine in some colours. The formula only creased after 5+ hours of wear and I used no eyelid primer. The colours a well pigmented, easy to blend, and can be built up too. There is 3 satin finish shades and 5 metallic shades, I found all performed well.

This palette retails for $8.20 and has a total of 8 shades bringing them to about $1 per shade, which is a bargain. The mix of colours in this palette allow you to create a multitude of looks from day to nighttime wear. This would be perfect for travel!

The mascara I used was The False Lashes Mascara ($5.75). I was very impressed with how this applies evenly and spreads the lashes nicely. It was easy to remove off the skin where I had made a mistake, so that’s a win! It kept the curl to my lashes and only got clumpy after about 3-4 coats. The thick wand has a small curve to it, helping to apply the mascara in a curled fashion. This mascara is not waterproof and does take a little effort to remove at the end of the day. Overall I found this to be a good buy!

For lips I used the Lip Liner pencil in the shade 11 In The Nude ($2, not vegan) and then topped it with the XXXL Shine lipgloss ($3.70, shade 36 Popping Pink, vegan).

The lip liner was a little hard at first but once warm glided nicely onto the lips. The pigmentation was great and it also lasted a considerable amount of time (3+ hours). The XXXL Lipgloss is also very pigmented and high shine. The gloss lasted about an hour before it lost a lot of it’s colour and shine, but this is typical of glosses. All in all the combo created a perfect nude lip look.

Thanks for reading guys! I hope this was helpful to some people. If you have any questions please comment below. Chat next week

Xx Meggie

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