Too Faced Chocolate Bar Tutorial

Hello blog family!

This weeks blog is a simple quick look using one of my all time favourite eyeshadow palettes. The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. I’m sure you guys have herd me rave about this palette before. It was one of my first makeup loves.

Firstly the smell of this palette is so sweet! Like chocolate, my favourite food group. It also contains a great mix of matte and shimmer shades, which is crucial in creating a complete eye look. The look I have created here is fairly simple but kind of dramatic.

So let’s get to how I did it!

First I primed my eyelids with concealer, it helps to start with a bright clean base. I used my Urban Decay Naked concealer. Then I used the White Chocolate (1) shade to set the eyelid.

Next I went into the outer lid and crease with Salted Caramel (2) as my transition colour. I also took this colour quite wide and high.

After that I went in to the same area but a little lower with Milk Chocolate (3), a darker shade. I did this just to add depth and extra colour, so kind of like my second transition shade.

For the next part I really wanted to darken up the inner and outer corners. For that I used a smaller pointer brush with the colour Triple Fudge (4). After pressing that into the corners I blended it out so everything was smooth and it came together nicely.

Lastly I packed on some of the colour Marzipan (5) to highlight the centre of the eye where there was not much other colour.

I finished with Milk Chocolate (3) under the eye, close to the lash line at either side and Marzipan (5) in the centre directly under the eye. And that’s it!

You could also do a nice winged liner with this look, but for my eye shape I prefer to keep it this way. You could the extra touch of lashes to really make the eye look ‘finished’. Here I just applied 2 coats of the Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope this has been helpful!! I will warn you guys that my posting may not be as regular after this week because I am taking some time off to have a baby!!  Exciting right?! So please stick with me through the next little while.

Much love,

Meggie Xx


    1. Thanks so much! Hope it helps! I’ll check out your blog too. Thanks for the love xx


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