Review: Face Halo

Beautiful people!

I have an announcement, the Face Halo is the best thing since sliced bread! Ok, so you may have guessed what this weeks blog post is about right? You got it! The amazing, wonderful, easy to use Face Halo.

This bad boy was gifted to me by my gurl Jodie for my birthday! This small piece of microfibre cloth has revolutionised how I remove my makeup. It is so simple. Wet the cloth, wipe your face! Done! It’s better than single-use makeup wipes and more environmentally friendly. Check out the Instagram video of me using the Face Halo here!

Let’s get into some details then shall we? The Face Halo was developed by two ladies Bec and Lizzy. This article from Vogue sums up their creation story pretty well.  Here in Australia, you can buy the Face Halo online here.  They are $28 Aussie dolarydoos (or $22USD) for a pack of 3. Personally, that price is well within reason. Especially with the lifespan of each Face Halo being approximately 200 uses. Think of all the makeup wipes you could save!

So I’ve been using the Face Halo for about 3 weeks now, and all I can say is, it works. It works so well! Even with mascara and a heap of eyeshadow on, it removes it all. I have only taken 1 out of my pack of 3 because even after 3 weeks, the one I’ve been using looks like new. After every use, I wash it with a little hand soap to get the makeup off and like magic, it’s ready for tomorrow’s makeup mess. Even on days I haven’t worn makeup, using the Face Halo at the end of the day leaves my skin feeling so fresh and so clean. Face Halo is endorsed by the beauty babe herself Chloe Morello. Her YouTube channel was the first place I saw the Face Halo in action, then Shaaanxo used it and I was sold on the product.

I can see myself buying these as gifts for everyone I know because I feel like I need to spread the word of how amazing these are. So my final verdict is that the Face Halo is a WIN! Get to it beautiful people.

I hope you have an amazing week! Smash those goals and keep it real.


Xx Meggie


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