Designer Brands Longwear Foundation: Hit or Miss?

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So once again I am trying out Sunday to be my posting day!  Just to see if I get a bit more coverage and love on the blog page. Today’s hot topic of conversation is the Designer Brands Longwear 24hr Foundation. I’ve just recently purchased this product after hearing a few mixed reviews on it from a small cruelty free/vegan group I am in. The product is vegan friendly, and is very reasonably priced too. After trialling the foundation for the day I am bringing you my initial thoughts and views. Mostly so you guys can make a decision yourself, if you are interested. So stay tuned if you want to hear more!

I will start by mentioning that this product is stocked at heaps of local chemists. This is excluding Priceline, but it is still fairly easy to locate. That is also a huge plus for me. Who has time to always be chasing a product around from speciality stores like Sephora and Mecca! It also has a great price point, I got mine on special for $12.99. I am pretty sure they are usually only $15.99 at full price anyways. This is a great bargain compared to my Too Faced Born This Way Foundation at $57 a bottle.  I got 3 shades, Light Sand, Porcelain Ivory and Warm Honey. I used a mixture of two parts Light Sand and 1 of the Ivory to create my perfect shade.

To start the test with a little experiment I used 2 different primers, one on each side of my face. The Illamasqua Hydra Veil on one side and the Designer Brands Pore Minimising Primer on the other.

Designer Brands Primer

Let’s start with how the DB primed side went. In the beginning I was really unimpressed with how hard this product was to get even coverage with. I started by using just a beauty blender then slowly realised a brush may be the way to go and started using that. I found if I squeezed some onto my hand it would dry pretty quickly before I got it onto my face making it harder to work with. My advice and cure for this was to do the face in sections, rather quickly with the brush then come back over with a damp beauty blender to even any patchiness.

The DB primed side had a nicer finish once powdered but the foundation did tend to grab in some places. It wasn’t hugely noticeable from a distance, only very close up. I didn’t like the coverage at first but you can build it up with a little bit of work.

Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer

I applied the other side the same way with a brush first then a beauty blender and found I got a similar result. One thing I did notice was that the foundation didn’t seem to stick as much on this side, so it gave a bit more even coverage.  The only thing was that my pores were definitely more noticeable on the Illamasqua side of my face. At this stage I was unimpressed with the amount of effort it took to get the finish I was happy with, but I kept on going. The coverage was medium to full and I really didn’t feel like I needed any concealer, even under my eyes.

Whole Face

I set the foundation with the Australis Fresh and Flawless pressed powder and that gave it the finishing touch. After applying powder this foundation really looked amazing. My doubts were thrown out the window and I wore it for the whole day without any issues of sliding etc. One thing I will mention is that when my eye watered it came off in quite a large patch and was kinda hard to blend back together. But overall, the finished product with setting powder, looks pretty flawless and has a great full coverage. It also doesn’t feel heavy and hot to wear, it feels light and mostly weightless. When it came time to remove the foundation it was a little bit of an effort, which indicates to me that it could have lasted a lot longer on the face too.

So in conclusion the Designer Brands Longwear 24hr Foundation gets a thumbs up from me. It can also be used as a great cheap alternative to the Too Faced foundation if you like that one.  Now I won’t lie, it does take a little work to blend into the skin and to create the coverage desired but the finished product is worth the effort. I hope this has helped anyone thinking about purchasing this foundation! I say give it a go, it’s cheap and readily available!

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Xx Meggie

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