Costume Madness!

Abbey fest

Hey Ya’ll,

So this weekend in Brisbane Australia a festival called the Abbey Medieval Festival is happening! This is by far my most favourite festival of the year.  From making my costume & dressing up to walking through the festival itself, it is so much fun! You can check out the link here: Abbey Medieval Festival

So I thought I would give you guys some creative insight to my costume & makeup for the event!

So my idea this year is to go as a Viking woman! Basically a Shield-maiden. So there will be lots of faux leather and fur involved, along with some bloody face makeup.

Here is what I have gathered so far for my costume…Picture1The next thing I need so sus out is my makeup. Vikings were typically dirty, and I’m going for a battle torn look so I think I’ll add a little blood on the cheek plus overall smudges of dirt coupled with wild earthy eye colours and not to much else!

I’ll post the finished product over the weekend including makeup and fully finished costume.

-Meggie Xx


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