Abbey Fest!


So this is how it all turned out!

Don’t mind my serious face, I was trying to get into the spirit of being a war loving viking! Hahah, so this was really fun! It was also such an easy look to create. As you can tell I have a little cut above my eye (fake obvs) but apart from that the rest was easy!  So here is how it went down…

Firstly I applied my regular routine of makeup (foundation, powder, blush, eyebrows & mascara) then I used my e.l.f eyebrow kit to make the bruised effect. I just used the lightest brown with my finger to create a circle bruise in a few different spots! I also then made my eye area bit darker with some light grey eye-shadow on the lids and underneath the eye. For the cut I put a little of the e.l.f powder on the area, then some BYS blush (just with my finger) and then used a Rimmel Red Lipstick to create a ‘cut’ with blood dripping from it! Here is a close up..


And hey presto! Battle worn viking look! So here is the hairstyle I did to match my face. It’s a combination of plaits and twists and a lot of teasing!

Hair 2 Hair 1







And that’s all their was to it. The last thing to do was put on my faux leather tunic and chain-mail tights & belt and head off to the fair.


It was a great day with lots of fab costumes and compliments! I hope ya’ll had a good weekend!

*Cue angry Viking face*


– Meggie Moo xx


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